Our service plan is an agreement between you and us that will benefit everyone involved. First, the benefit to Hatfield Electric are obvious, we will gain you as a customer. So then you ask yourself, how will it benefit my company.

First and foremost, you will benefit financially. Isn’t that one of your major concerns in your daily management role with with your company, to run your business as efficiently as possible? By choosing us as your electrician, you will receive our best pricing on labor and material for your repair and maintenance needs.

Next, you will know that when you call us, the technician that arrives at your facility will be familiar with your building. A majority of the time we will have the parts we need to fix the problem on our service truck, getting you up and running again with minimal down time or interruptions.

Last, you will have the peace of mind knowing that only trained, professional Hatfield Electric employees will arrive at your facility.

We also offer complete data, telephone and video system wiring for your home or office.

And don’t forget your standby power needs, as Guardian Generator factory authorized sales and service dealer, we are able to fill those needs.

Saving you money…..
So how is it that we can save you money? Upon your signing on with Hatfield Electric, we will sit down with you and establish a labor rate and material mark- up based on your anticipated volume. The more electric work you need, the better the rate you will receive. We base this on the amount of work you have completed in the past.

Understanding you……
We will complete a survey of your building, collecting information such as the location and brand of electrical panels, types of electrical fixtures and so on. This Allow you to Know, before we arrive at your facility, what part may be needed to make the repair you have requested. These will reduce those costly trips by our technicians to the supply house, we will usually have what we need when we get there.

Also, during the survey, we look for any potential problems that exist in your building. We will supply you with a written evaluation or our findings, complete with our recommendations and any costs to make any needed repair. It is often less expensive to make repair before there is a real problem, eliminating the possibility of more damage, costly loss of business, property damage or worse yet, someone being injured!

Why Not?
So why not give us a try? You have nothing to lose. There are no up-front cost to you. All that we ask is that you commit us if and when you need any electrical work at your facility.

Recap of the benefits:
  1. Reduced labor and materials rate

  2. Less time required for repair, we will be familiar with your facility before we arrive

  3. Peace of mind because you know that only acknowledgeable technicians will be working at your facility

  4. You will have to more reliable and safer electrical system, knowing any potential problem areas

  5. Possibly reduced insurance rate with a thorough inspection of your building electrical system (contact your insurance carrier or agent of the additional information)

Sound interesting ? Please contact our additional details or make an appointment. You will not be disappointed!
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We provide high quality reasonably priced installations for your restaurant, stores or other business facility. We offer free estimates on your design or can assist you in designing an electrical system to suit your needs.
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